Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thank You

I’d like to share a fundamental writing practice that has truly changed my life, and I know it will (not just “can”) change yours.

Find (or create) a small notebook with unlined paper. Mine is (3.5”x4.5”-- 9.1 cmx11.4 cm) has 80 sheets, and comes with a cute little pen attached: One dollar at the DOLLAR TREE Store. 

This will be your THANK YOU notebook. Each day at the top of the page (in the landscape direction, of course!) write the date, then look around at your life and write one (only one) “Thank You.” It can be as simple as, “Thank You for the light traffic today;” “Thank You for gifting me with such amazing friends;” “Thank you for  showing me where I had put my keys!” “Thank You for guiding me to be kind, when I could have been opinioned.”---and on and on.
---It changes each day, in many surprising ways, and trust me---after doing this for years, I can say from experience that you will NEVER run out of people and things to be grateful for. NEVER!  
As you experience the effects of writing one “Thank You” each day, in no time at all you might even consider making “Thank You” your mantra for life.

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