Thursday, April 27, 2017

I May Be Wrong

I May Be Wrong...
In the early '90s when our Institute was based in Palo Alto, I had many students, each of whom was committed to writing every day and bringing the transformational power of the letters into their lives through the most proactive practices possible.
            At the end of every December, my students and I would get together and decide on writing one specific Letter and living it daily throughout the new year. Because each student was committed to reinforcing “world peace,” we were studying the Letter Ee, the letter that reinforces a commitment toward personal tolerance. They decided that they could bring this quality to life within themselves by writing a line of the Vimala Letter Ee* every day for the coming year. But that wasn't enough. They also decided to have a bumper sticker made that they would put on the rear bumper of their car for the coming year. By the way, in those days, bumper stickers were considered gauche in Palo Alto, they probably still are—but none of the students cared. The sticker contained only four words in capital letters:  I MAY BE WRONG.
            The 40+ of us that applied the bumper sticker learned face-to-face about a human being's basic need to be right. How? Again and again--and again! people would read the sticker and ask, "What does that mean?" Our standard reply was this: "I'm not always right, and I invite feedback from people whose viewpoint is not aligned with mine," which continually elicited this response: "No. What does it REALLY mean?"
            Most people got a puzzled look on their face, or simply turned and walked away, shaking their heads in disbelief. Others replied with the equivalent of "Yeah--right." There were other responses of course, but not one of the hundreds who asked, What does that mean? accepted the fact that we could say and mean, I MAY BE WRONG.
            What a beautiful way to learn that world peace would be possible only when we, individually and as a global family, would give up our self-righteous attitudes. If this “study” interests you, you might consider adopting this practice: Begin each day by writing one or more lines of the Vimala Letters Ee*  and the initial of your first name...and living the Declaration of Intent for each of these letters. Every day. Do this at first for 40 consecutive days, but then---daily for the entire year. Be sure to keep a Miracle Journal because,'ll need it.
Declaration for the Letter E e:  “I may be wrong. Please tell me more so I can understand your viewpoint.”
If you don’t know the declaration for the initial of your first name, ask me and I’ll send it to you.
* To see how to form the Vimala Letters, go here:
As you've heard me say repeatedly: Don't believe anything I say; truth lives in experience.
                                    War does not determine who is right - only who is left.


  1. I've just discovered this work, and now discovered this blog. I love the challenge given here and would take it on, had I not already taken on a 40 day challenge with 3 letters and two other things. It's pretty awesome.

    1. Thanks, Robin. These letters certainly do create a refreshing way approach to life--and ourselves! I've written another BLOG but I've forgotten how to enter it.May help come knocking on my door soon! Today--the 8th--is about living the Letter U u--letting the other person be the "one who knows." Give it a go! And keep checking back to see if help has arrived yet! Or go here:

  2. Hi Vimala, thank you so much for bring your unique gifts to the world ! I can't express how happy I am to receive the gift of your unique alphabets in my life at this time. My name is Jennie & I would like to know the meaning of my initial. Thank you so much.

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