Monday, February 27, 2017

The initial of our first name

 “WOW! Look at your ‘M!’  I’m really impressed!”--- the exclamation I made while standing in line at the post office the other day. The person in front of me was jotting a note to enclose in the package he was mailing, and when I saw his writing I was instantly aware of his lighthearted nature, and at the same time---so stunned at the way he shaped his letter ‘M,’ that I felt I HAD to speak up! He looked up at me, then responded with a great big smile and asked, “My WHAT?” Then we both laughed. I pointed to his writing and replied, “An ‘M’ like yours is perhaps THE most difficult letter to form as you did---and you just whipped your pen cross the paper and wrote two of them!” His smile merged into a quizzical look, so I went on, pointing out that each letter has a specific meaning, an ‘inner voice’ if you will, and that the initial of our first name indicates our greatest gift; how we form it tells whether or not we are living it. 
Then he really laughed and told me that his first name was “Michael.” Another “WOW” from me, assuming that his response was an invitation to tell him about the meaning of the initial of a person’s first name---so I did. “Well, Michael, I don’t know what your life is all about, but I do know, after seeing your writing---specifically your letter M--- that your attitude is a tremendous gift for those with whom you interact. I hope you have children!” Through his laughter he replied, “Yep. Three of them!” He asked a few questions about the difference shapes in which we form letters, I responded briefly, he thanked me, and we chatted until it was his turn to go up to the postal counter.  My parting comment to him was, “Don’t ever change the way you write your ‘M,’ Michael!” What a smile!

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  1. Am wondering what the life purpose for those with names starting with Sh is... Are they doomed to just keep looking for their life purpose?