Friday, February 10, 2017

I love Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine’s Day----in fact it’s my favorite day of the year, and has been since I was a child. Why? Because it’s a day on which we are encouraged to let people know how special they are to us. It can be more personal than a birthday, Christmas, or other “special” day because there is no “expectation”---just a surprise reaching out from the heart to touch someone else’s heart. I think of it as a “heart to heart” day.
            If you look around at your own life, I know you can find dozens of people who would be deeply touched by receiving a Valentine from you: The mechanic who repaired a dysfunction in your car and refused to charge you; the clerk at the grocery store who always smiles as he goes out of his way to guide you to the product you hadn’t been able to find; the computer techie who is cheerful, patient, and helpful in demystifying your electronic problems; and especially--people who, somewhere back in the past, have, in some way, made a difference in your life—even a small difference—but a difference nonetheless. Your heart will put a smile in their heart.  I know, because through the years I have experienced this repeatedly. Find their address, send them a Valentine--then you will know.
            Because my list tends to be rather long, I choose my Valentines from our local “Dollar Tree” store, where they have a selection of lovely Valentines of all sorts—for only $1.00 each! After all, it’s the thought, not the price, that touches the heart of the recipient.
            My invitation? Get out your pen and create your own special Valentine list!  Be generous--look around--look back--have fun--and know that each card you send will make the world a happier place---one heart at a time.


  1. Your wisdom and love have transformed me. Cupid's arrow struck its mark in my heart.

    Happy St. Valentine's Day, Dear Vimala❤️


  2. The table is covered with a white table cloth or sheet. Paper is cut in shape of hearts in a variety of sizes & randomly scattered over the top of the table. Some sequins are added for additional color & sparkle.