Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Letter W w

            As soon as I finished breathing into my “W Pose” this morning, I sat down and began to write three lines of this amazing Letter: “Ww,” with the soft cup-shapes at the baseline---not angles. Why the Letter Ww? Because it’s the Letter of the teacher---and, as you may already know, each letter has an inner voice that supports the quality it represents, in the person who writes it.  I make it a point to write three lines of this Ww every Thursday because Thursday is the day of Jupiter---the planet who enhances the ability to convey Truth---not viewpoints, not opinions---but Truth---that which helps to heal our beloved world. Since today is Thursday, I’d like to share the W Pose with you. As one who has used it for over 20 years I can say, "It works!"

Stressed?  Sitting too long? Little time for exercise? Muscles aching? Worries straining your mind? Well, guess what! Enjoy the release of these negatives with the application of a physical version of one of the Letters of the Alphabet! -- “The W Pose!” As you breathe into it, you will experience muscles releasing as never before, and exhaustion replaced with energy!
The W Pose.....
Remove your shoes -- socks are okay but nothing else on your feet; your feet need to touch the floor. Find a wall (a door works well)

@ Put your back against the wall

@ Heels touching the wall
@ Head touching the wall

@ Arms horizontal, bent at the elbows, touching the wall.
@ Your shoulders, head, and arms are forming a modified Letter W~ They must all touch the wall.

@ Inhale deeply--to the slow count of 10

@ Hold your breath for that same slow count of 10

@ Exhale slowly and fully

@ Stay still for at least one minute before you repeat the exercise—as many time as you'd like.
@ THEN resume your regular activities.

@ It realigns and relaxes the body, mind, & soul and reduces the overly active brain activity called "stress."

Because I was born with a double curvature of the spine, years ago my chiropractor gave me this exercise to alleviate the pain I often felt. Because of the positioning of the arms in relation to the upper body, I laughed and called it “The W Pose.” Then HE laughed and replied, “My dad calls it the crucifixion pose!” After you do it even one time, you may invent your own name for it.  From the voice of experience, I say, ”This is a miracle pose!” Give it a go---All you will lose is stress!

Monday, February 27, 2017

The initial of our first name

 “WOW! Look at your ‘M!’  I’m really impressed!”--- the exclamation I made while standing in line at the post office the other day. The person in front of me was jotting a note to enclose in the package he was mailing, and when I saw his writing I was instantly aware of his lighthearted nature, and at the same time---so stunned at the way he shaped his letter ‘M,’ that I felt I HAD to speak up! He looked up at me, then responded with a great big smile and asked, “My WHAT?” Then we both laughed. I pointed to his writing and replied, “An ‘M’ like yours is perhaps THE most difficult letter to form as you did---and you just whipped your pen cross the paper and wrote two of them!” His smile merged into a quizzical look, so I went on, pointing out that each letter has a specific meaning, an ‘inner voice’ if you will, and that the initial of our first name indicates our greatest gift; how we form it tells whether or not we are living it. 
Then he really laughed and told me that his first name was “Michael.” Another “WOW” from me, assuming that his response was an invitation to tell him about the meaning of the initial of a person’s first name---so I did. “Well, Michael, I don’t know what your life is all about, but I do know, after seeing your writing---specifically your letter M--- that your attitude is a tremendous gift for those with whom you interact. I hope you have children!” Through his laughter he replied, “Yep. Three of them!” He asked a few questions about the difference shapes in which we form letters, I responded briefly, he thanked me, and we chatted until it was his turn to go up to the postal counter.  My parting comment to him was, “Don’t ever change the way you write your ‘M,’ Michael!” What a smile!

Friday, February 10, 2017

I love Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine’s Day----in fact it’s my favorite day of the year, and has been since I was a child. Why? Because it’s a day on which we are encouraged to let people know how special they are to us. It can be more personal than a birthday, Christmas, or other “special” day because there is no “expectation”---just a surprise reaching out from the heart to touch someone else’s heart. I think of it as a “heart to heart” day.
            If you look around at your own life, I know you can find dozens of people who would be deeply touched by receiving a Valentine from you: The mechanic who repaired a dysfunction in your car and refused to charge you; the clerk at the grocery store who always smiles as he goes out of his way to guide you to the product you hadn’t been able to find; the computer techie who is cheerful, patient, and helpful in demystifying your electronic problems; and especially--people who, somewhere back in the past, have, in some way, made a difference in your life—even a small difference—but a difference nonetheless. Your heart will put a smile in their heart.  I know, because through the years I have experienced this repeatedly. Find their address, send them a Valentine--then you will know.
            Because my list tends to be rather long, I choose my Valentines from our local “Dollar Tree” store, where they have a selection of lovely Valentines of all sorts—for only $1.00 each! After all, it’s the thought, not the price, that touches the heart of the recipient.
            My invitation? Get out your pen and create your own special Valentine list!  Be generous--look around--look back--have fun--and know that each card you send will make the world a happier place---one heart at a time.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

A brand new alphabetical year!

Who woud have guessed?! I am now officially a Blogger! This is all new to me, but I understand that "blogging" means I can communicate with you, answer your questions, and share alphabetical information. There is so much to say!---and I'll begin by inviting your ideas! Oh my word...What fun!

Saturday, January 7, 2017